Our region, while relatively small is topographically diverse; from the sandy, low lying Swan Coastal Plain, limestone and granites of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge, valleys of the Metricup Scarp, fresh Cape Naturaliste Streams to coastal waters of Geographe Bay.

3 primary land systems representing broad groupings of topography, soil and vegetation are present in the broader Dunsborough – Cape Naturaliste area, all represented within less than a 10km radius of the Dunsborough town site.

  • Swan Coastal Plain – this system is typically flat to gently undulating while soils are sandy. This includes the Quindalup, Spearwood, Bassendean and Abba Plain sub systems.

  • Leeuwin Naturaliste Coast – a limestone ridge from the western edge of Dunsborough to Cape Naturaliste extending south to Cape Leeuwin.

  • Margaret River Plateau – this system lies between the Leeuwin Naturaliste system and Swan Coastal Plain. It is a gently undulating system moving north to south, dissected by a series of valley systems including the Metricup Scarp.


There are five waterways in the region which flow from Cape Naturaliste into Geographe Bay.

Of these, DCALC undertakes restoration works on two;

The Dandatup Brook, which flows through the Dunsborough town site; and meets the ocean at Vincent Street.

The Dugulup Brook Creek, which also flows through the Dunsborough town site and meets the ocean near the intersection of Gifford Road and Geographe Bay Road. (DoW, 2006).

The remaining three waterways are the; Jingarmup Brook, Meelup Brook, Dolugup Brook.

For further information on all Cape Naturaliste Streams please refer to Geocatch Catchment Group, River Action Plan for the Cape Naturaliste Streams, Department of Water, 2006


The Dunsborough Foreshore includes the Geographe Bay foreshore area between Hurford Street and Tulloh Road, Dunsborough, approximately three and a half kilometres. The Geographe Bay lies to the north-west while the site adjoins Meelup Region Park in the north-west and the Elmore Street Lagoon and the Quindalup foreshore in the south-east. The town streams, Dandatup Brook and Dugalup Creek, together with numerous stormwater drains pass through the foreshore, out into Geographe Bay.

The foreshore area extends across the Dunsborough fault and contains two distinct geological formations: the sandy Swan Coastal Plain and the granitic Leeuwin Naturaliste ridge. The south-eastern portion of the site up to Beach Road represents the western most portion of the Swan Coastal Plain, characterised in this location by calcareous sands. The remaining portion of the site (west and north of Beach Road) forms part of the Leeuwin Naturaliste ridge and is characterised by granite outcrops and bays.

(Shire of Busselton, 2009)


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